Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My cheeky kiddies Pt. 1

  A little over five years ago, the biggest drama queen of the century arrived in this world. Her name, Haylee Grace. She was my perfect 9lb 4 oz, baby girl, and I couldn't have been happier.
   Haylee's birth was rather traumatic. She ended up with shoulder dystocia and Erbs Palsy. Erbs Palsy, is when the nerves in the arm are stretched or severed. Some kids will recover. Some never will. Hay was that never did. 

   She has had two surgeries. The first one, they removed nerves in her right leg, and placed them in her left arm. It didn't work. Then, this past July, they did a different surgery. They lengthened a muscle, and released some muscles/tendons in her arm. The change has been huge. She has so much more movement now than ever! I know she will never be 100% with that arm, but she will have more than what she did.
  Hay has been very lucky with all the therapists she has had. They all have been wonderful. Her therapist now, Amy, is probably one of her favorite ones. She looks forward to going to see Miss Amy every week and talks about her through out the rest of the week.
   All in all though, no matter how much of a drama queen, rotten, kiddie she can be, she is perfect in my eyes. Her attitude and personality will definitely take her far in life. 

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