Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Munchkin Monsters

   Who wants to win a Munchkin Monster? I am launching my own line of plush monsters. They are crocheted, stuffed toys. Each one is custom made. You choose the size, colors, the entire design, for your child/grandchild/etc. They each have a tag sewn on them with your child's name to make them even more unique!

Here is a link to my son's monster. And like I said, each are made differently to be unique!


    So, let's get to it. Comment on this post. Tell me all about your favorite toy as a child. Please leave your name and email address also, so I can contact the winner. The winner will be chosen at random.

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All entries must be received by 10:00am est January 6, 2012.  Winner will be announced that after noon!


  1. What in the world is a munchkin monster lol

  2. It is a crocheted, stuffed monster. They are incredibly cute.

    I will link a picture.

  3. Posting for a friend who is unable to post on here.

    Amy Oligney My favorite toy as a child was a simple little brown bear. My Grandma Longfellow gave it to me when I had the chicken pox when I was 8. It was special to me because she passed away within a few months after giving it to me. My bears name was Mr Bear ( I know, I know- Im not very creative :) But I sure loved my Mr Bear! I couldnt sleep with it! He got lost in a move from Indiana to Ohio :(

  4. My favorite toy when I was a child was my moms little doll. It was her favorite when she was a child too. She didn't let me play with it to often or for too long because she was afraid I would break it being only 3 years old. My mom still has that little doll to this day and it is 58 years old. Tiffany Lyens Email: mystery_chick_2011@yahoo.com

  5. My favorite toy was a big blue bunny I named "Bunny." Original, I know haha. I still have him! I'll send you my email on Facebook, if that's okay :).

  6. My favorite toy as a child was my grandma Carol's ragdoll bunny. It was her first bunny for her collection of bunnies which when she passed away christams 2009 she had over 1000 bunnies in her collection, but i used to take that bunny off her bed eveytime i went over to her house. She would sit with me while i watched tv. She did everything with me actually. I even tried to take her home once but was caught due to my shirt looked awful funny with bunny ears sticking out of it. When she passed away my aunts and uncles made sure that i got her and they said she would have wanted me to have her cause she would have all the happy memories of my times at grandma's. She now sit in my living room so me and my kids can see her everyday. No my kids didnt get to know my grandma while she was alive but they love to hear about my adventures with her bunny.

    1. not looking to enter since i know im late lol but wanted to share :)

  7. Thanks for commenting blackroze! You are welcome to enter my newest contest for the face scrubbies if you like!